Are there any dinosaurs still alive?

T-rexArthur Conan Doyle’s novel “The Lost World” and films such as “Jurassic Park” and “Up” are just proof that the idea of dinosaurs still living today has captured the imagination of the public for more than a century.

But is the idea just a popular concept in fiction? Or is it true that there are dinosaurs still living on Earth today?

For some, they do believe some dinosaurs still exist. Just take for example the popularity of alleged sightings of lake monsters (such as the famous Loch Ness monster) and other dinosaur-like creatures.

However, despite numerous searches all around the world for a “living dinosaur”, the evidence is almost zilch, except for some anecdotes and stories.

One flaw in the belief that there are still dinosaurs living today is that all evidence points to their extinction about 65 million years ago. If some had existed up until recently, any recent fossils should have been discovered by now. But alas, no remains or indications prove the existence of such living dinosaurs.

If we are going to speak scientifically, not all of the dinosaurs died out. In fact, we see them every day: Birds are today’s version of dinosaurs.


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