Can you really charm a cobra?

Snake charmerSnake-charming is one of the most popular sources of public amusement in certain parts of the globe, particularly in India and other countries in Asia and North Africa. But can a snake-charmer really hypnotize a poisonous snake, in most cases, a cobra?

The truth: No. While it may seem that the cobra in a snake-charming situation is hypnotized by the flute’s pleasant sounds, cobras cannot hear the way humans do. What a cobra does actually is matching the snake charmer’s movements.

Cobras are defensive species, and not aggressive. They are reluctant to strike, that is why they don’t inflict deadly bites on the snake charmers.

Also, the flute is a hard object for a cobra. Once the cobra has bitten the flute several times, it will most likely learn that biting it is painful and futile, and will refrain from biting it in the future.


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