Do natural aphrodisiacs actually work?

AphrodisiacFor aphrodisiac lovers, this may be a bit of a downer: there is little evidence supporting the effectiveness of most substances that are thought of as natural aphrodisiacs.

Although some foods and supplements—such as spicy food, chocolate, and saw palmetto—are sometimes touted to affect libido, medical research has shown them to be largely not effective at producing a sexual response in either men or women.

While there is no harm in ingesting most foods to see whether they are effective natural aphrodisiacs, you should also be aware that some contain insect or plant extracts that can be toxic. For instance, Spanish fly, a commonly touted natural aphrodisiac, can actually cause kidney damage and gastrointestinal bleeding.

If you are trying to find an effective way to increase your sexual desire, you should first check with a doctor. He or she may give you proven strategies to enhance sexual health, such as implementing healthier lifestyle choices and treating any underlying medical conditions.



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