Does chewing gum really stay inside you for seven years?

Chewing gumHow many times have we heard this warning: Do not swallow gum, because it will stay in your digestive system for seven years?

This is pure hogwash, medical experts say. This is because the human digestive system is very effective. When you swallow food, it goes into your stomach where enzymes and acids work hand in hand to start the process of breaking the food down. The partially digested food goes to the intestine, where with the help from your liver and pancreas, the food is further broken down into its components that will be used to fuel the body. Those elements that cannot be used are sent to the colon, where they will be processed into waste.

Gum’s components can be easily broken down by our bodies. Gum base, which is mostly made of synthetic chemicals, also ends up as a waste product.


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