How do snails mate?

SnailsHave you wondered how snails reproduce?

Most snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they can be at the same time both male and female. This makes it easier for snails to reproduce quickly.

Some snails that are hermaphrodite can reproduce all by themselves and do not need another mate (known as asexual reproduction). There are other hermaphrodite snails that need another snail to mate (known as sexual reproduction).

There are snails that are not hermaphrodites, so they must find a mate belonging to the opposite sex to reproduce.

After mating, the snails dig miniature holes in dirt for a nest and lay about 80 eggs. After a few weeks later, the eggs hatch. Newborn snails take about a year or two to mature, and then the reproduction process goes again, potentially having many offspring in their lifespan which is about two to five years.


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