How long should you keep your make up?

MakeupA number of factors come into play when you decided whether you should hold on to your eye shadows, blushes, and lipsticks. Some of these include type of make up, how they have been stored, and whether you’ve had an eye infection. Some make up should not be kept longer than 3 months, but some can be kept for a couple years.

To get the maximum longevity from make up, buy only cosmetics that haven’t been opened. When you get them home, store them in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. Always close the lids after use.

Toss your used mascara after 3 months. Mascara actually has the shortest life span of all make up because the risk of movie bacteria back and forth from your eye into the mascara tube is great.

Eye pencils on the other hand can be kept up to two years. To make sure you are using a clean tip, sharpen before every application.

Keep your applicators clean and liquid shadows should be able to last for a year. Powder shadows will keep 2 years.

You can stow your tube lipsticks and lip pencils for 2 years. Sharpen your lip pencils before each use.

Moisturizing foundations and stick concealers can hang around for 18 months.


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