Is grilling food a healthier option for you?

Grilling foodGrilling and frying are just two popular methods used to cook food.

Fried foods, on the other hand, are usually dipped into a fryer or pan that contains very hot oil or fat. The high temperatures and high heat conductivity cooks the food, yielding attractive, crispy food with a great aroma. However, the quality of food considerably drops when fried.

When foods are fried, they absorb a lot of fat. When fried foods are consumed, they increase the blood cholesterol level, which pose greater risks to health.

Higher calorie intake from fried foods also results in weight gain. In other addition, other foods, such as vegetables, lose much of their moisture and vitamins when fried.

A healthier cooking alternative to frying is grilling.

To grill foods, one places them on a wire grid placed under or above a dry heat source. The food is cooked as a result of thermal radiation. It is also referred to as broiling or pan grilling.

Grilled meats have a reduced fat content, resulting in healthier meals and making it easier to manage a low fat diet. Reduced fat intake helps to decrease bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Healthy cholesterol levels can improve cardiovascular health.

When you grill your food, it helps to reduce the risk of various diseases. It also ensures that one gets more value out of your food.

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