Is thumb-sucking normal?

ThumbsuckThumb-sucking is a normal occurrence in babies and young children. In case you have a baby or toddler, chances are you would see a lot of thumb sucking. Babies and young children may also suck on their fingers, hands, or items such as pacifiers.

Babies have a natural urge to suck. Thumb-sucking can become a frequent habit in babies and young children who use this to comfort themselves when they feel afraid, hungry, restless, quiet, sleepy, or bored.

In rare cases, thumb-sucking after the age of 5 is in response to an emotional problem or other disorder, such as anxiety.

Thumb-sucking in children younger than 4 is usually not a problem. Most children would stop on their own at the age 3 to 6 years. Many experts recommend ignoring thumb-sucking in a child who is preschool age or younger.


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