Is “Xmas” an appropriate nickname for “Christmas”?

XmasHow many times have we experienced when we email or text people, “Merry Christmas”, the reply is: “Merry Xmas!”

Can “Xmas” replace “Christmas” in our holiday greetings?

Some people don’t think it is right to take out “Christ” out of “Christmas”, arguing that it is almost sacrilegious to remove the holy name of Christ from this important holiday and replacing it with a simple “X”.

But writing “Xmas” does not necessarily mean a slam against the son of God. Far from it actually. The word “Christ” in Greek is written “Χριστός”. Did you notice something familiar? The first letter is “X” or chi. Chi is written also as an X in the Roman alphabet. Rather than being an inappropriate abbreviation for Christmas, “Xmas” is actually a logical nickname for “Christmas”.


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