What is the only food that does not go bad?

HoneyHoney is pretty much the only food that does not spoil while in an edible state. In its natural form, honey has very low moisture. In an environment like that, only a few bacteria or microorganism can survive, let alone spoil it.

Another thing that sets honey apart is its acidity. Honey’s pH kills off anything trying to make a home in honey.

Make sure the honey is well-sealed and stored in a dry place to avoid getting in contact with water, which will invite bacteria and other microorganisms that could spoil it.

A caveat: Honey can contain spores of Clostridium botulinum. This is not actually harmful to adults and children over one year old, whose gastrointestinal tract is developed enough to deal with the spores. But children under one are at risk for infant botulism. So, do not give an old honey to an infant under one year old.


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