When do our bodies stop growing?

BonesOur body grows steadily starting from birth, and by our late teens the body’s skeletal system has fully formed. Although you are unlikely to grow any taller after you have reached the age of 20, scientists have recently discovered that some human bones never stop growing as you age.

In a 2011 study, University of North Carolina researchers found that the human pelvis continues to widen from the ages of 20 up to 79. In 2008, researchers at Duke University found the skull continues to grow and change throughout lifetime. Not only does it grow larger, but the forehead shifts forward, bringing the cheekbones further back.

If you’re however unhappy with your height and you reached 20 years old, Mother Nature cannot offer much help, although modern science advancements could. However, these procedures may be too costly for an average Joe to afford.


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