Who was the first rockstar to get arrested onstage during a performance?

That infamous title would probably be given to Jim MoJim Morrisonrrison of the Doors who got maced and arrested in New Haven, Conn., on Dec. 9, 1967.

A local police officer who was providing security for the band tried to arrest and maced Morrison after the former saw him “making out” with a female fan in the shower in the backstage area of the New Haven Arena where the Doors was then performing. The police officer said he had not recognized Morrison.

When they got on stage, the singer took the opportunity to get back at the cops by taunting and shouting profanities at them. The cops responded by entering the stage and bring the show to a halt. They took the singer into custody, causing a mini-riot as the crowd took to the streets of New Haven, resulting in 13 additional arrests.

Morrison was charged with inciting a riot, indecency and public obscenity.


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