Why are diamonds so valuable?

DiamondsDiamonds are a girl’s best friend so they say. But diamonds are sure expensive, with a small diamond costing you a lot of money.

So why diamonds are valuable? Well, one is because of the intricate process of turning a diamond into a usable form, and the number of people who are involved in the process who must be paid for their work. Diamonds are located underground and under water, so diamond miners are needed to excavate diamonds. They remove large sections of ore or rock to uncover diamonds.

People are also need to sift the diamonds from the remaining materials of the rock or ore. The sifting process can either be mechanical (with the use of a machine) or manual (done by a person who will continuously filter water using a screened wash pan that is filled with ore until the diamonds are exposed.)

Skilled diamond specialists are also employed to inspect each diamond using a high-powered microscope to check the diamond’s flaws.

Just 20 percent of all diamonds are considered gem-quality diamonds that are suitable for jewelry. The majority of diamonds are actually classified as industrial quality and usable for machinery, because of their high density. The less-quality industrial diamonds on the other hand can be used to cut and polish diamonds.

You also need skilled gem cutters to examine loose gem-quality diamonds and determine the type of cut or shape to make.

The value of a gem-quality diamond that is ready for retail sale is based on its carat weight, cut or shape, clarity and color—known as the four c’s. Diamonds that have high scores in each of these categories are highly sought-after.

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