Why do babies wake up when you try to put them down?

BabyIf you are parent you would probably relate to this: have you experienced when your baby has fallen asleep in your arms and you want to put him or her down, and the second he or she is on the bed, his or her eyes open wide and the sleeping process is all over.

Why does this happen? Unfortunately, this is something you cannot control. Infants are biologically designed to sense if something dangerous has occurred, which in this case, is separation from the caregiver. Infants get alerted because they biologically feel they will be abandoned and it is therefore time to wake up to call the caregiver back.

Rest assured that this stage will be over soon. To minimize this problem, you can buy a decent carrier or sling so you can have your hands free and your baby feeling safe. You can also ask for help from your family members who can take turns taking care of the baby.


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