Why do women like bad boys?

Bad boysWhy do women seem to fall for men who are often aggressive, temperamental, and moody—or who we typically label as “bad boys”?

Well, whether these women fall rightly or wrongly, many experts say that women associate these “bad” traits with masculinity. History tells us that it is the warriors, soldiers, gladiators—those who have come to live everyday fighting and combating with other men even to death—have set feminine pulses racing. They exude a kind of untamed masculinity, independence, and confidence that women fall over with. These traits not only make them attractive, but they make them more sexually appealing.

Some women may also feel they are like damsels in distress, and they feel that these men who have the guts and capacity to fight with other men are like their knights in shining armor that could protect and take care of them.

Some women fall for bad boys because of their love for non-conformity, excitement, and adventure. They feel that these bad boys, these rebels in life, are always testing the boundaries and pushing the envelope.


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