Why do you hate vegetables?

VegetablesWhy do we prefer eating a chocolate cake over broccoli even if the latter is good for us?

Surprisingly, our hatred of vegetables may have a genetic basis. Some people are apparently programmed to be sensitive to the healthy compounds that are found in vegetables, describing them as having an unpleasant and bitter taste. It’s this bitterness and unpleasantness of the taste that keeps people from adding that vegetables to their dinner plate. For other people, they have learned to hate vegetables due to unpleasant childhood experiences where their parents required them to eat all of their vegetables before leaving the dinner table.

Whatever reason why one should hate vegetables, it is important health-wise find ways to include vegetable in our diet. One way to improve the taste is to eat them with foods containing glutamates which may help to offset the bitter taste. Another trick is to heat them to high temperatures by roasting.


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