Why is aloe vera good for my hair?

Aloe veraWhy do shampoos and beauty salons often claim their hair treatments include aloe vera? What does aloe vera do to your hair?

The use of aloe vera for hair can be traced back from the ancient Egyptians who used it for hair loss problems.

There are many benefits for using aloe vera for your hair.

Aloe vera is a very good remedy in reducing dandruffs. It has anti-fungal properties that help fight the existence and buildup of dandruffs in hair.

This natural herb also promotes healthy hair growth. It has proteolitic enzymes that are responsible in removing dead skin cells on the scalps. Nutrients from aloe vera will penetrate the hair. In addition, aloe vera also helps in fighting baldness. It also has alkalizing properties that help in controlling the hair’s pH level.

Aloe vera also heals scalps affected with psoriasis.


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